San Stefano

The seaside taverna Eucalyptus is located in the highly-sought area of San Stefano on the northeast of Corfu and is only 35 km away from Corfu town-centre. In this area many luxurious villas have been recently constructed, offering the greatest accommodation opportunities for visitors, while it provides tourists with lots of amenities, such as restaurants, like Eucalyptus taverna, that offers fresh fish and traditional, Corfiot recipes.

Moreover, this place maintains some traditional features, such as the traditional architecture of some apartments, combined with modern ones, namely the newly built luxurious villas of the region. Thus it surely can meet every visitor’s requirements. Additionally, San Stefano boasts a picturesque harbor with an amazing surrounding environment, full of olive groves, while visitors could enjoy the breathtaking views to the sea and the Albanian coastline.

Also, the seawater of this area is absolutely stunning and visitors, especially with children, are intended to choose this place for enjoying their holidays in total relaxation. Lastly, it goes without saying that the area of San Stefano constitutes a cosmopolitan destination within Corfu with lots of tourists and thus it has turned to be absolutely unique.

So many famous places to be discovered near Eucalyptus taverna


    Visit the traditional village of Sinies, where our seaside tavern is located. The picturesque village of Sinies is situated on the north-east coast of Corfu and includes the area of San Stefanos and other neighboring areas. It boasts an amazing surrounding environment, full of olive groves and trees, that is surely a capturing scenery for every visitor. This village maintains a traditional atmosphere and is surely a charming place within Corfu. Lastly, every visitor could enjoy relaxation when visiting this village.


    Erimitis is the area of Corfu with awe-inspiring natural beauty. The region of Erimitis is located along the northeastern coastline of Corfu, in the village of Sinies and is of great environmental significance, since it constitutes an ecosystem itself.It boasts lush vegetation as well as wonderful beaches and lakes, making this place a unique destination of stunning natural beauty. It is also remarkable that this region is one of the very few unspoiled areas within Corfu.


    The unique location of Avlaki constitutes a brilliant pebbly shore, that surrounds the fascinating, clear blue sea. Avlaki is situated between the village of San Stefano to the South and the village of Kassiopi to the North. The area of Avlaki is certainly a great destination for those who do not love sandy beaches as well as for those who want to enjoy their holidays in total privacy along with their families, within a completely idyllic location.


    One of the most brilliant beaches of northern Corfu is called Kerasia, that is widely known for its clear, blue sea and the surrounding lush greenery. In this location there are some picturesque bays, that only add to the total beauty of this place, while visitors of Kerasia are able to gaze across the waters of the Albanian coasts, located opposite of it. Kerasia is situated about 30 km away from Corfu town-center and constitutes a long beach, covered in smooth, white stones. Due to the ideal location of Kerasia and the awesome beach, many eminent people have invested in new houses and villas there.
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