Eucalyptus taverna constitutes the right place for hosting the most important events of your life, like wedding and pre-wedding parties, corporate and birthday parties.
We always aim at organizing extraordinary and innovative events, which exactly match your preferences. Moreover, we place emphasis on what our customers really wish to experience during one of the most significant moments of their life.

It is remarkable that every event at Eucalyptus is being supported by a dedicated staff, that is always on hand so that you feel fully satisfied with the services provided. Our taverna is ideal for family celebrations such as birthday parties or corporate parties, while when it comes to romantic occasions, such as wedding and pre-wedding parties, Eucalyptus ranks among the best places on Corfu, offering unforgettable moments.

Every special occasion deserves that special location


Eucalyptus tavern can host your wedding reception or your pre-wedding party, serving special seafood or other delicious dishes of the greatest quality.

In every event concerning your wedding, we offer a luxurious experience along with the best food choices, that match your vision of such an important day, combined with our adherence to creativity. Lastly, it is remarkable that we cooperate with experienced wedding planners, in order your wedding reception to remain unforgettable, but we could happily work with the wedding planner that you like and trust

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Special Occasion

Whether you seek elegance and simplicity at your party or something more eccentric, we are the people for you.
We specialize in hosting corporate or birthday parties, delivering amazing experiences and paying much attention to detail concerning the food served during your own event and the excellent behavior to your guests. We can enhance your existing ideas about your party by expressing our own imaginative and innovative concepts so that you enjoy the most wonderful birthday or corporate party.

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Corfu style wedding

Traditional Greek wedding

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